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No one wants to be robbed at gunpoint, or have their car stolen, or their house robbed. When these crimes happen, victims may feel angry, afraid, or violated. But there is no violation quite so devastating as sexual assault. Victims do not recover easily-- emotionally, psychologically, or physically from such incidents, and the long-term impact can be devastating to the victims, their families, and communities. Investigating violent sex crimes is particularly difficult for many reasons.

Often the collection of evidence requires a full medical examination of the victim--a second violation of sorts. Police must interview the victim, who must recount his or her assault. Often, the victims are children, and offenders range from family members to perfect strangers. But investigating and prosecuting these crimes is crucial to the healing process of many victims, and to the safety of society at large.

As with the child abuse investigations, the president of LSR Investigations spent her career with the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office investigating sexual assault allegations. These included all types of victims from children to male/female adults. If there is anything that LSR Investigations can help you with in this regard, please contact us and we will determine if LSR Investigations can help.

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