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Child Abuse,Sexual Assault Crimes & Criminal Defense
The president of LSR Investigations spent seventeen years investigating child abuse/sexual assault cases as well as homocides, robberies and other felonies.

Legal Consultation
Judge Reed serves as a mediator/arbitrator, as well as special discovery master and consultant to individuals and organizations, including other law firms and their clients. When serving as a consultant, he is particularly helpful in complex criminal, civil, and family matters.

LSR employs a professional team of surveillance operatives who provide an excellent service.

Criminal History, Drivers License History, Telephonically interviewing references and past employers.

Investigation of personal injury claims, property damage claims (including arson), insurance fraud, accident reconstruction, weather analysis and witness interviews.

Trace & Locate
There are many reasons that a person may need to be located. To name a few, a person owes money such as alimony or child support.

We offer a discrete, professional service which provides you with the information you need to adjust, reduce and in some cases cancel your future alimony payments because of your ex’s new life.

We specialize in infidelity cases. Our staff will handle your case with total confidentiality, respect and understanding of your individual situation.
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